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Fifty years ago, Thomas & Betts revolutionized the electrical wiring industry when it introduced the Ty-Rap® cable. Today, Ty-Rap remains the leader in the global marketplace for cable ties.

First developed to solve the problem of bundling the hundreds of feet of wiring found inside commercial aircraft, Ty-Rap cable ties can now be found virtually everywhere - from Nascar racing engines to backyard tool sheds. Self-fastening and basically indestructible, the ground-breaking design of the Ty-Rap cable tie demonstrates American ingenuity at its finest - solving a complex problem with a simple technology.

MaurusLogan, Ty-Rap Inventor

Ty-Rap cable tie inventor, Maurus C. Logan, worked for many years at Thomas & Betts and finished his career with the company as Vice President of Research and Development. During his tenure at Thomas & Betts, he contributed to the development and marketing of many successful Thomas & Betts products. Logan passed away in November, 2007, at age 86.

"My dad didn't have a lot of formal education, but he was the most ingenious person I have ever met," said Robert Logan, Maurus' son. "He never thought the customary way of doing things was good enough and when he looked at anything he thought about ways to improve it. The invention of the cable tie is an excellent example of how he worked."

Ty-Rap drawing that accompanied Maurus Logan's patent application.

For the cable tie, the proverbial light bulb came on over Logan's head while touring a Boeing aircraft manufacturing facility in 1956. Aircraft wiring was a cumbersome and detailed undertaking, involving thousands of feet of wire organized on sheets of 50-foot long plywood and held in place with knotted, waxcoated, braided nylon cord. Each knot had to be pulled tight by wrapping the cord around one's finger which sometimes cut the operator's fingers until they developed thick calluses or "hamburger hands." Logan was convinced there had to be an easier, more forgiving, way to accomplish this critical task.

For the next couple of years, Logan experimented with various tools and materials. On June 24, 1958, a patent for the longlasting, easy-to-use Ty-Rap cable tie was submitted. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Thomas & Betts offers more than 500 varieties of Ty-Rap and Catamount cable ties.

Endless innovations keep Ty-Rap design choices evolving.

"Over the past 50 years, Ty-Rap has become an indispensible part of everyday life," said Dominic Pileggi, T&B chairman and CEO. "This is a great example of how our focus on innovation can pay dividends for years to come. We continue to re-invent the Ty-Rap cable tie and have introduced a variety of special-use versions - such as the detectable cable tie for the food processing industry - over the past several years."

No one has been able to "out design" engineers at Thomas & Betts...

Although there have been imitators over the years, no one has been able to "out-design" engineers at Thomas & Betts as they continue to improve "The Original - and Best - Cable Tie" for new applications and industries. New innovations include a stronger "Grip of Steel®" locking mechanism, UV stabilization for longer life in outdoor use, detectable compounds for use in food processing environments, and extra high temperature materials for use in harsh and hazardous locations.

For five decades, T&B has continued to make Ty-Rap cable ties stronger and more versatile. Today, as always, the Ty-Rap brand is the benchmark for excellence and innovation in wire management.

Catamount® Twist Tail Wins IMARK Product Service

The newest member of T&B's cable tie family is already winning accolades in the marketplace.

IMARK, a member-owned marketing group made up of 172 independently owned electrical distributors throughout the U.S. honored T&B with the Product Select Award for Catamount® Twist Tail Cable Ties at the group's recent marketing conference held in Chicago. More than 1,000 IMARK members attended the event, a record level of attendance. These participants evaluated the suppliers' trade show booths and rated products and services based on perceived value to their companies and their customers.

Catamount® Twist Tail Cable Tie is ideal for limitedspace installations where you can't fit a cut-off tool.

Once in place, the cable tie does not require any tools for removal of excess length. The tail is removed via bend-bend-twist motion that does not leave behind any sharp edges.

With over $8 billion in combined sales, IMARK Group members represent the second largest electrical distribution entity in the U.S.